Day Zero

pushed out to 2019

Level 6b water restrictions are in effect from 1 February, which requires all to drop their daily use to 50 litres pp/day or less. To find out what you can do, visit

Water Use

Daily average of the previous week.



Million Litres



Million Litres

The Dams

Combined level of dams supplying the city. For more info click here.


Water use by group

Weekly Water Use

As of 17 September 2018

A view of the seven-day average water use in the City, over twenty-seven weeks.

Water Augmentation Progress

As of 18 July 2018

A view of water augmentation progress during the hydrological year, 1 Nov 2017 – 31 October 2018

Read the latest Water Outlook 2018 report for detailed information on the impact of augmentation projects, rainfall and water use on the City of Cape Town.